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  • White's Electronics

    11 45.83%
  • Fisher

    10 41.67%
  • Minelab

    3 12.50%
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Thread: Your Favorite Metal Detector?

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    Hands down it would be my new Fisher (First Texas) F-75. I just purchased the F-75 new in April of this year but have been extremely pleased with my finds thus far in heavliy hunted out CW camp sites that myself and two buddies frequently search...I'm still learning the ropes with it but thus far am extremely pleased with my finds. HH!


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    Fisher F75 will blow White's and Minelab away (IF) you run it in All-Metal mode. Now for every day hunting and EZ to use I would have to pick a Tesoro and they are very good at relic hunting also. Now the old White's Blue & Gray is very hard to beat even with the new machines, but when you start getting some age on you you don't want to have to carry a big heavy machine around all day.

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    Hi My Fellow TH'ers
    I have used the Whites DFX now for almost four years and love it. It is a bit heavy but the weight comes in handy when you hit deeper grass. I run strickly in 'Coin Mode' and find enough deeper signals to keep me happy with the Civil War relics and occasional coin or ring. It meets my needs so that is all that matters to me. I currently search mostly in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.
    Stay safe in all you do!
    PS: Remember; Don't leave it in the ground!
    Treasure Hunter since 1977. Avid Civil War Relic, coin, and stamp collector. I have found a wide aray of Civil War artifacts. Have detectors and am willing to travel to search new sites.
    PS: Remember; Don't leave it in the ground!

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    I own one metal detector and when I went to the beach I always took it there and it can give me some surprises. and I also can take it to the park to or find the metal goods, such as coins and so on. It has also helped find the ring that I lost in the garden,this is really great. mainly dealing with the detector transaction. There are many kinds of detectors, such as handheld metal detectors, safety metal detectors, walk through metal detectors,metal detectors, X-Ray inspection systems and so on.

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