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Thread: ID Chickamauga area Bullets

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    Default ID Chickamauga area Bullets

    Found 65 shot bullets in really tight area and really close to battlefield. But seems like might be post war....doesn't make sense to me.
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    The US Army had a large training camp set up outside Chickamauga Battlefield at the start of the Spanish American War. That would probably be where these came from. Interresting to note that more soldiers died at that training camp than were killed in the war.

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    Those bullets are US .45-70 Springfield Rifle bullets -- in service from 1873 through the Spanish-American war. I believe Gaerich is correct...trainees would be likely to have been issued older-version rifles for target practice in the training camps. A lot of other Spanish-American war era military equipment has been dug in the Chickamauga area, from the training activities which occurred there.

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